Your Magazine or Newspaper on Apple's Newsstand through PubliGeneration

Thursday, 14 June 2012 - 10:27am

The concept is unique in the market for two reasons: AppGeneration does not charge a sales commission of the publications (only an annual flat-fee). Secondly, publishers are also completely in control of their publications as they use their own iTunes developer account to upload them.

Through PubliGeneration it is now possible for publishers to have their own branded magazine or newspaper app that is compatible with Apple's Newsstand for iPad and iPhone users. Publishers have full control over what they publish and over prices, banners and advertising and they can use current formats with no additional work. It's also possible to sell old issues to new users and grant those who are subscribed to the paper edition free access to the digital one.

Eduardo Carqueja (CEO AppGeneration): "Mixing with an older subscribers database and link customer logins to the new subscribers database is not a problem at all."

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