What do you think of Stuff magazine's revamp?

Thursday, 13 August 2009 - 4:13pm

The Haymarket gadgets and technology magazine was relaunched this week - can it help the title beat the recession?

At first glance, little appears to have changed at Stuff. The cover girl remains, and the main coverline screams "100 best gadgets ever!"

But one trail at the bottom right hints at the type of reader (and advertiser) Stuff might be aiming for. "Time for a midlife?" it asks, "Our high-design bikes say so." Such content seems to be targeting older, more affluent, readers; the cheapest machine in the superbike roundup would give you little change from £10,000.

Similarly, the "Super Geek" guide to watches seems aimed at the luxury market. Haymarket may have one eye on driving off Condé Nast's new UK edition of Wired.

It's interesting that even in times of recession Stuff can draw high-end advertisers: last month's page two and three boasted a double-page ad for BMW, while this month there is a spread for Lexus and Panasonic has bought four consecutive right-hand pages inside.