UK publishing start-up launches Facebook Newsstand

Monday, 13 January 2014 - 12:40pm

UK publishing start-up launches Facebook Newsstand

London digital publishing specialists, PressPad, have launched a Newsstand for Facebook. The store, with releases displayed in the tab on Facebook, gives access to all issues of a particular title.

 “Our number 1 goal is to increase the sales of magazine apps on iPads and Android tablets. Our business model motivates us, just like our publishers, to work on magazines sales in 2014,” Paul Nowak, PressPad’s CEO, said.

Based on the company’s internal research, the top selling magazines engage Facebook users more than the average. These titles have typically built a fan community on Facebook. The average size of the ”talking about this” indicator on Facebook amounts to 297 people and is a characteristic value for most popular magazines.

"PressPad’s strategy is to provide easy-to-use tools that can help publishers engage social media users with their existing content, and the 'Facebook Newsstand' is one such tool."

“We believe that sales gain momentum by utilizing various sales channels and Facebook is among the most effective of the social media channels,” Nowak continued, and stated that the company is working on other sales automation features.