Magazine Print Readership Declines, Digital Grows (US)

Thursday, 31 May 2012 - 9:48am

In the period from September 2011-April 2012, the total average print audience of 190 major titles tracked by GfK MRI came to just over 1.2 billion, down 2.7% from 1.24 billion for the same period in 2011. When print and digital editions are considered together, the figure sank 2.6% from just under 1.25 billion to just under 1.22 billion. (The GfK MRI figures offer unduplicated estimates of audiences for print and digital editions, but do not include traffic to magazine Web sites.)

Judging by these figures, digital readership is making a small but growing contribution to the total magazine audience. The most recent wave included some 34.7 million unduplicated digital readers, up from 31.8 million unduplicated digital readers in the previous wave. That's still a small proportion of total readership, at about 2.8% of the combined print and digital audience, up from 2.5% a year before.

GfK MRI introduced the new questions in its Survey of The American Consumer in response to growing demand from publishers and advertisers for more information about digital readership, spurred by the widespread adoption of tablet-style computers and e-readers.

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