Data analysis is top publishing investment priority

Monday, 28 April 2014 - 8:57pm

Data analysis is top publishing investment priority

The Association of Online Publisher's annual member survey finds publisher's top priority is investment in data analysis, technology and skills.

Around 58% of publishing houses will aim to hire data analytics staff this year, up from 30% who indicated they wanted to do this in 2013.

A total of 89% of publishers plan to grow their data technology investments in 2014.

The results are compiled from a survey of 32 publishers who are responsible for around 700 UK media brands, and who rated a number of items in terms of the priority to their business.

Other results shows that this year will see a continued focus on mobile, video and programmatic ad operations for digital publishers.

Tim Cain, managing director of APO, said: "We are now seeing a real focus dedicated to driving the collection, analysis and interpretation as it permeates every aspect of the digital business. We can expect to see growing sophistication in its usage going forward."

It won't be cheap for publishers though; recent job listings for a head of data analytics show candidates could earn salaries of £90 - £120k per annum.

Some of the other key statistics:

  • 71% of publishers saw a major increase in mobile audiences, and 60% for tablets in 2013.
  • Tablet apps are likely to be the main source of paid revenues for over half of the publishers this year.
  • 70% of digital publishers will use more private ad exchanges in 2014.

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